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What is Ditnibs?

Ditnibs is a premium site. Yep, that’s what everyone thinks their site is premium ;-). What makes us think we are premium?. Well, that question is quite lengthy let me put it this way. Unlike other blogs, our goals are to publish only the unique news nothing else. We don’t believe in the recycled news like other blogs (No offense guys if you are one of them). We only publish stuff which we think is important to us and our readers that thing makes us a premium. Not saying that our blog doesn’t publish recycled stuff sometimes we do but when we do we try to make it as unique as possible with keeping everything in mind. We don’t believe in copy paste stuff that’s our number one rule be unique than others and that’s what our writers are. Our quote All of it. Well, the word IT is quite unique it stands for Information Technology also used to refer to stuff which in our case is the gaming and tech world.

Who is behind Ditnibs? (I mean to say the team)

The team behind Ditnibs amazing blog

Aftab Ahmed                  Editor-in-Chief

Uzair Ahmed                  Head of Marketing

Rehan Arain                   Writer

Muhammad Shahrukh   Writer



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